Muaz al-Khatib Condemns Extremists in Syria and States who Support Them

This is a statement broadcasted live on Al Jazeera by Muaz al-Khatib, president of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces. Translated to the best of my ability:

On the subject of terrorism: Oh brothers, we are against every group, every idea, and every weapon that wants to destroy the social fabric of Syria. We are against every Takfiri idea, to be frank. We are against any idea that calls for blood, and that carries its ideas to the people with steel and fire, by using terrorism and compulsion. The holy Quran states “Let there be no compulsion in religion.” We are an open and tolerant society, and these ideas cannot exist among us.

However, we will not allow the exploitation of the issue over and over again, as was done with the ploy of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq which destroyed Iraq. We will not allow nor accept the presence of extremist groups in Syria to be used as a ploy to destroy Syria. The blood of the Syrian people is more precious than all foreign statements, and the decision the Syrian people make will be made by the Syrian people alone.

In regards to those groups that carry alien and extremist views, we say to those states that support them with hundreds of millions of dollars rather than supporting our people, withdraw your groups, there will be no terrorists amongst our people.

The blood of people is more precious than anything. There are youth as young as flowers that are being pushed to our country so that their country can get rid of them. I’m speaking frankly now. There are innocent, devout and pure people who are severely dedicated, who put their souls in their palms for the sake of defending this great, oppressed people. There are states that spend hundreds of millions of dollars in order to send these people to Syria for the purpose of getting rid of them, not for the love of Syria nor for the love of Jihad.

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  1. Pham Binh said:

    The only person I’d vote for before this guy is George Sabra.

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